Our ARTMAZ studio located in Melbourne, Australia. Art prints and illustrations created by Melbourne artist, Maz.

Behind the ART

Maz' work is inspired by natural elements, architecture, iconic design, culture, couture and life. In 2014 with inspiration drawn from Neo-impressionism, 'pointillism' and stippling, Maz began her art journey with drawing commissioned artworks for close friends and family. Throughout the years, the response towards her work cultivated a love to express her art to the wider community.

In the challenging year of 2020, she reminded herself to stay resilient, strive through achieving her dreams and continue to spread and encourage positivity. Here at ARTMAZ you are seeing Maz' collection of art. In her current work, she finds an incredible amount of inspiration from natural elements, architecture, iconic design, culture, couture, life and fun quirky trends and loves translating them into her style of art.  The tones within her work range from cool monochromes to warm richly coloured illustrations. Maz' works in digital art, hand drawn illustrations and painting.